Biddle bv


Biddle bv

P.O. Box 15
9288 Kootstertille

Tel.: +31 512 33-0
Fax: +31 512 33-1424


Gründungsjahr: 1935
Mitarbeiter: 201-500

Unique Biddle products worldwide
Biddle produces and delivers (worldwide) innovative air curtains and air heaters / coolers for the retail market. The new ceiling unit of Biddle (Comfort Circle) can heat, ventilate and cool from the ceiling in all types of retail buildings. Air curtains are installed above a door and create a comfortable climate separation in all types of buildings such as shops, supermarkets, hypermarkets and banks, but also chill rooms and cold stores. Due to advanced technologies and extensive knowledge of air streams, Biddle products belong to the top of the market.